Unique Audio Have been supplying Hi End Analouge replay for over 30 years and have a around 50 years experience of getting the best performance. If there is any specific turntable you are looking for please contact us.

Michell Orbe Turntable 

We have just been offered a cancelled order unused sealed box full blown Michell orbe with full manufacturers warranty please contact for details. £3750

Michell Gyrodek

Michell Gyrodek Se Turntable ex display model 20 hours use £1300 like new just had 10% price increase now £1850.

Sme 20/3a

Sme Model 20/3/a Commision sale 2018 on used 20 hours by customer in fantasic condition like brand new with unused sme series gold print V tonearm we are selling this on behalf of a customer. £9250

Tech Das airforce two Turntable

tech das airforce two turntable in mint condition only has 15 hours of use boxed manuals etc contact for details. Selling on behalf of customer 

Michell orb se 

Ex display michell orbe se with sme 309 tonearm just like new 50 hours use maximum rrp £6300 £4500