Magnum Dynalab MD108 valve reference tuner

Just arrived, absolutely mint pristine example of the superb Magnum Dynalab 108 reference  tuner genuine 240v version this is the best example we have ever seen superb sounding black face plate example with original Magnum Dynalab flight case and manual. The Magnum Dynalab excels in the voice it has a glorious midrange performance with stunning bass and weight the sound stage is so lifelike one of the best sounding tuners around

RRP £6500 SOLD


Her we have the ultimate in fm tuner fully upgradable this is one of our own den units and is totally mint and pristine it has the optional premium silver finish complete with flight case and original ourter cardboard box as new condition very sought after bit of kit. stunning to look at and even more stunning to listen to magical performance RRP£10000 WE ARE ASKING £4000