Unique Audio Have been supplying Sme tonearms since 1990 and have had experience with the brand for over 36 years Having worked closely with  its founder Alistair Robertson Aikman.

Unique audio take absolute pride in only offering  examples that meet the highest standards in every aspect resulting in absolute terms a tonearm that reassures the client that they chosen a product that can provide the client with the finest musical experience possible from a Sme Tonearm.

Sme tonearms can vary in age on the open market some examples of the modern varients can be as much as 35 years old we have seen many used example that do not meet the criteria as have been misused and are not performing up to standard in any way. It is common that we come across clients who have purchased so called excellent condition tonearms in need of full service.

At Unique Audio we take this worry away we carefully select and ensure the customer your tonearm will not be in the need of a service and meets the highest standard of performance possible from a sme product.

Our selection process lis is vast and only when a tonearm meets this standard will it be offered purchased fully tested and offered  for sale. We offer a minimum warranty of 2 years on all tonearms upto 15 years on some models     Please phone for current availability of all models inc Series V, Series IV, 309, 312, 312s 3009, 3009r 3012,3012R, M12R M9R  inc special finish examples.