Lfd anniversary Linestage this is the finest preamp to be made by lfd audio with many custom made parts and specially configured switching and artisan bespoke pure silver wiring with differing conductors. Richard Bews describes this as one of his most specialist products we find this preamp to be truly musical and special. This example is our own demonstrator with very light use boxed excellent condition. RRP £8000 our price £4995

Jadis Jpl MK2 line preamp recently had full service

Jadis Jpl mk2 linestage in lovely condition very musical completely serviced and revalved £6500 £2500


Jadis jps 2 mk2 line two box line preamplifier

just in Superb late mk2 example of the jadis jps2 preamplifier this is in excellent condition sounds vastly better than previous versions features latest caps in both psu and main unit just a visual work of art one of the most musical preamps around, this unit has also been treated extensively by original owner with harmonix tuning bases on both units giving the unit a even more liquid sound , this two box design features a massive tube regulated power supply and sound just  magical rrp £11000 SOLD SOLD