Unique Audio are specialists in supplying and installing high end audio systems for over 25 years, and have built up a very strong and loyal customer base  both locally and worldwide.  We are daily purchasing and taking in as part exchange quality pre-owned equipment.We specialise in high end vinyl replay and vast experienceof majority of turntables past and present we currently have the entire line of Sme Turntables and tonearms available and are stockists of Tech Das, Koetsu , Graham, Etsuro, Ortofon, Kodo, Systemdek, Ikeda, Michell, Benz, Van Den Hull, Morch just to name a few.

Most of our equipment tends to have had only one owner. Because we are dealing with fellow genuine audio enthusiasts, this enables us to stock equipment only of the highest standard, always in excellent or mint condition. Each and every item is inspected and checked by us and our service team before offering equipment for sale. We also routinely sell equipment that we have used only for demonstration or display purposes which has been carefully  used only by us so is in as new condition.

Please contact us if you are looking for a specific item as we may be able to locate it through our large network

We also have the biggest stock in the UK of Hi End Turantables and arms and have been supplying the finest analogue equipment since the beginning and throughout the years have continued the same we have vast knowledge in this area.

Unique Audio and SME

The Scale Model Equipment Company was formed in 1946 by Alastair Robertson-Aikman to make models and detailed parts for the model engineering trade, but in 1959 Alastair required a Pick-Up arm of his own and designed a prototype which received fantastic feedback, so in September of 1959 the company was re-named to SME and its first precision pick-up arm went into production with a run of 25 a week, comprising of individually machined components. Sme have well over 50 years of experience making some of the most well respected arms ever made.

Unique are extremely proud to be the countries appointed Sme Specialist consultant and the the longest standing dedicated Sme retailer  we were working extremely closely with Alistair Robertson Aikam himself from 1990 learning every aspect of the turntables and tonearms and have vast experience of every model produced from vintage to current models.We have been personally been using Sme tonearms for over 35 years in our own systems.

Unique Audio have the largest display of sme products in the world being able to show every model in almost any finsh option including many custom built items. We are now working very closely with the current owners of Sme Ltd to provide the same level of expertise that has always been there from the outset. We also have in our personal collection every model ever built.

We are always happy to hear from Sme owners and provide them with any information on how to get the best out of there tonearms or turntables no matter vintage or modern.

As we have been selling the brand for 27 years we do acquire a large amount of pre owned stock no doubt the largest stock holder of preowned sme in the world, WE ARE EXTREMELY fussy  on the stock we offer fully checking each and every item making sure it plays the same as the day it left the factory. No other dealer prides it self in offering any preowned item in the same manner if arms and turntables do not meet our stringent criteria they will not be accepted we have a very high rejection rate on what we stock PLEASE PHONE FOR MORE DETAILS.

We have a massive stock but have just listed a few items here on our website; please phone +44 (0)1923 235 423 for more details.

We are  looking to purchase high quality used High End Hifi please phone us to discuss for a instant price.

We are especially looking for Hi End turntables and tonearms best prices paid.