Music First Preamp

These products are truly Unique as your name implies... they represent the pinacle of audio perfection

Thank you for my Music First Classic Silver Preamp and LFD MCT special edition phono stage I purchased from you.

Both these products are truly Unique as your name implies, as they represent the pinacle of audio perfection.

The classic preamp just does not seem to get in the way of the music; it is so natural it's beyond belief!

I was using a very expensive Boulder preamp which was very enjoyable but not in the same way as the Music First.

When I sell the Boulder I will go for the Music First Reference I heard at your place, what a difference this is something it is just amazing the sheer scale is awesome.

£9000 for a preamp is a lot of dosh but in the scheme of things it actually represents fine value.

I am very impressed with the LFD MCT SE phono stage it is such a big improvement over my Tom Evens Groove Plus.

The LFD MCT SE is in a different class.

You can tell this is a serious handbuilt of kit. It sounds neither valve nor solid state.

Actually it is too good for the price £4500 and is a bargain when you consider how much time Dr Bews has put into it.

Thank you again Mik for your guidence and for indroducing me to these wonderful brands.

I feel with your help I am moving away from the over-engineered over-priced world of audio and am going for products which manufacturers actually spend time tweaking and listening carefully to their creations, thus giving me total musical satisfaction and fine value for money.

You realy are a true audiophile yourself; that is why you are able to recommend the best.

As I said earlier, I will be back soon to place my order for the Mighty Music First Reference Preamp.

Mike Stanley