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You have done it again! My system has been transformed... Your service is simply amazing... You have given me complete pleasure

I have been wanting to write to you for a while. I have just got home and installed the £6000 Diamond Vipor cable in my system after your recommendation. I have to say, you have done it again! My system has been transformed. You told me that Richard had come up with another magical cable but thought it was imposible to improve on the already amazing Scorpian cable. I have to say, you really know your stuff.

I remember first meeting you in your premises in Neasden in 1993 and purchasing the Concordant pre-power combination, which was a breathtaking improvement over what I had.

Just a few months later, my brother in law and I started upgrading and every time you sold us the finest audio equipment available.

I have had amps from Conrad Johnson, Gamma, Audio Innovations, Audio Research and turntables from VPI, SME, Basis and Townshend and loved them all. But my current system comprising the SPJ La Luce turntable Vdh Colibri gold cartridge, Audio Reseach Reference phono stage, Jadis JPS2 preamp and Jadis JA80 monoblocks with Tannoy Dimension speakers is the most musical to date. Well done, you really know how to hit the spot.

The systen is entirely wired up with the LFD cables. These made the biggest improvements. I have to add, the Harmonix tuning feet and clamp did a great job too as you said it would.

Your service is simply amazing; you are willing to work until late which is a great help as I have a hectic work load, I have now been your customer for 15 years and never look back.

Yes, I have spent thousands of pounds but look what you have given me: complete pleasure. I am sure you are very spritual as when I listen to my system I obtain spritual bliss. I am sure to be visiting you soon to obtain my next audio fix, maybe in the next few months or maybe a few weeks.

Thank you again.

Mr Hirani, North London