SME 30/2 turntable

Series V gold

VdH Calibri XPS

I fully recommend anyone who wishes to discuss upgrades, HiFi and/or general advice, to contact Mik for advice

I have known Mik for nearly two years now, and regard him as a friend and advisor.

It all started from an enquiry for an SME 30, which he had advertised in Hi-Fi News. Mick is passionate about SME and knows a great deal about the company, employees and products.

Following his recommendation, I called SME and asked a senior member of the company of his opinion of Mik. I received a very high recommendation indeed. So much so, I flew to London, hired a car, found Mik’s house, picked an immaculate SME 30/2 including arm, and drove back to Aberdeen in atrocious weather.

The SME was great, and a definite upgrade from my Linn Sondek, and so began a continued upgrade to another level with the assistance of Mik and his professional advice.

In the last two years, smitten by upgrading and much better sound quality, I have upgraded to a Simaudio Moon P8 preamp, with W7 power amp, Supernova CD player and LFD MCT SE phono stage, and VDH Colibri MC cartridge.

However, some of the greatest benefits to my system have been using Mik’s LFD Scorpion interconnects and speaker cables. I would never have believed that cables could produce these improvements until they were inserted into my system. They transformed everything, producing greater detail, dynamics, soundstage, especially back to front. Mik knows these cables inside out.

The LFD cables were introduced gradually one to two weeks apart, so that I could appreciate each individual change.

The LFD cables are hand-made using the finest silver, and yes they are expensive, however, when you have them, the improvement is remarkable, unless you wish to improve further with LFD.

I fully recommend that anyone who wishes to discuss upgrades, HiFi and/or general advice, to contact Mik for advice.

Colin MacGillivray