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Townshend Audio has been developing high fidelity audio system components and accessories since the 1970s.
Our development and introduction of the world's first Parabolic styli and phono cartridges brought us to the forefront of hi-fi thirty years ago when the only sources for true high fidelity sound in our homes were vinyl records and FM radio.

Through the 1980s we developed our own amplifier components and - of course - revolutionary The Rock and The Rock Reference turntables with Excalibur tonearms. Today these record players are highly sought after amongst audiophiles all over the world. Such is the demand from record collectors for the state-of-the-art transcription delivered by 'Rocks' that a Rock MkV is currently under development. Also is a new Rock Reference Master turntable. Designed to be the last word in vinyl replay it will incorporate remote-control adjustment of stylus rake angle and dynamic overhang adjustment.

At Townshend Audio we are also renowned for our ground-breaking Glastonbury loudspeakers designs, which currently are on sale in Glastonbury III guise incorporating built-in super tweeters. We also manufacture the Maximum, a 'standalone' supertweeter for sitting on top of existing loudspeakers. Designed originally for maximizing the true 'realism' and naturalness when listening to the latest 'advanced resolution' DVD-Audio and SACD formats (which boast ultra-wide bandwidth extending to almost 100kHz in the case of 24-bit/192kHz two-channel DVD-A recordings), the Maximum has been found to enhance the replay quality and musicality of all replay systems - even when listening to bandwidth-limited CD sources. Testimonials from the world's foremost audio critics advocating the efficacy of the Maximums speak for themselves!

Fundamental to our advanced monitoring system at Townshend Audio is total isolation from vibration, incorporating Seismic Sink and Versatile Seismic Sink Stands to eliminate all deleterious colorations caused by vibration in active and passive components. Furthermore impedance matched cables are used throughout the system with Deep Cryogenic Treatment (DCT) of all internal wiring and external system cables for maximum transparency from source through to loudspeaker. Explore this site to discover how Townshend Audio's Isolda DCT cables and equipment racks incorporating vibration isolation have won numerous Awards and accolades from the high-end specialist Press in recent years.

The future looks bright as 21st century digital audio systems are at last beginning to deliver true high fidelity performance - with increased resolution and higher sampling frequencies. Thanks to the development of our latest TA 565CD compact disc player - which employs a core engine from a Pioneer 'universal' DVD player before extensive modification and audio circuit enhancements - our reference hi-fi monitoring system embraces all disc formats- including vinyl LP, CD, DVD-Audio, SACD and DVD-Video.

Our goal is always to further the state of the art, to enhance in every way possible the sound of your Hi Fi system. By using the latest techniques with the highest quality components our product range investigates every level of sound reproduction. And by constantly striving to achieve complete faithfulness to the recorded source we are closer than ever to creating the illusion that our system has 'disappeared', transporting our living room sofa into the recording venue itself where the musicians are performing for our personal pleasure: audio nirvana!


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