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About us

Unique Audio is a family-run business established in 1991 by Mikolash Bhavnani, a passionate audiophile from an early age.

The company specialises in bespoke high-performance handmade musical reproduction systems, giving customers the greatest possible musical satisfaction and value for money. Unique Audio supplies and installs some of the world’s finest two-channel stereo audio systems, consisting of components from the top tier of high-fidelity manufacturers.

Our unique customers are generally enthusiast audiophiles with the means to indulge their tastes for the very best sound, equipment and asthetics available.

We are very keen on vinyl replay, specialising in this field, and are proud of our set-up skills, being able to extract the most from your records. We also stock a small selection of CD players.

Unique Audio supplies a worldwide market, and has installed systems in Europe, the United States, India, the Gulf and Far East.

We are based in Aldenham, Hertfordshire, England.

Component selection

Unique Audio stocks an exhaustive range of handmade and crafted audio components.

Mikolash searches high and low for the world’s finest audio equipment, personally auditioning and selecting each component before including it in the Unique Audio portfolio.

Apart from musical abilities, each product must represent value for money and the finest build and aesthetic quality, together with total manufacturer back-up.

Only products which meet these criteria become part of the Unique Audio stable. Each component in our product line-up has been carefully selected to provide the most natural presentation possible without any fatigue.

At Unique Audio we understand the potentially sizeable nature of one’s investment, so a major factor in our product selection is ultimate engineering value. We believe that in both good and bad economic times our systems will always represent fine value. Products such as SME, LFD and Jadis have been supplied by us from our beginning, and continue to entertain customers to this day.

Aims and objectives

Unique Audio’s ultimate aims and objectives are to provide clients with: